Top Golf Courses In The World

Hey Tourist! Golf is one of those sports that you either love or you can’t stand, but for those that like it, they will understand the ultimate journey for the perfect course. There are countless golf courses across the world, which makes it difficult to identify the very best of the best, however, with that being said some clubs have been widely considered, year after year, to be the best of the best and for a good reason. Following is a collection of the top clubs in the world, some that are brilliant for tourists to travel to and experience for a day, and some so exclusive it is almost impossible to get into if you aren’t a member.

Royal County Down

European Tour

Royal County Down is the first golf course to make a list and is widely considered as one of the top links, if not the top, in the world. Golf here is like none other and indeed requires a poised athlete to manage the steep terrain. Located in Northern Ireland, Newcastle, this iconic establishment is approximately one-hundred-twenty-eight years old and has been around since 1889. Therefore, Royal County Down is one of the most past golf courses in Ireland and still to this day maintains a 75 rating. Geographically, the landscape is vibrant as part of the Murlough Nature Reserve with mountains in the backdrop and a stunning ninth hole that is among the most photographed on earth.

Now that you know about Royal County Down, the following course will be a solid follow up that is located in the United States of America.