What Celebrities Own The Most Expensive Airplanes?

Hey Tourist! Owning a private jet is something everyone dreams about. There are plenty of celebrities out there that make millions of dollars a year and some of the toys they spend their money on are pretty impressive. We’re taking a look at the most ridiculously expensive private airplanes that are not only owned by Hollywood’s top celebrities, but also flown by them too. You won’t believe who owns the most expensive plane of the lot though.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is well known as one of the richest men in the world. His home alone is worth 120 million dollars. It would only make sense for him to have a private stash of jets to travel in style. Bill Gates has probably been through a few planes over the years, but it makes sense because he has so much work to do to make all his money. He is the kind of guy who has used his plane to help people, and it also allows him to get his staff all over the world to do their jobs. He closes deals on the plane, and he travels on the plane with other famous individuals. In 2013, Gates was listed as number ten in a top ten list of largest private jets in the world for his Dassault Falcon 7x. The plane is a three-engine private jet customized for enduring hot temperatures during high altitude flights. It is one of the safest planes in the world as it can take off at steep levels and land at low speeds. Back in 2001, the plane sold for twenty-five million dollars, which was approximately ten million dollars cheaper than its competitors in the long range and large cabin style. In 2007, the cost jumped to forty-one million dollars, and in 2008 it became fifty million.