Tips For Destination Photography

Hey Tourist! For photographers, building a portfolio is absolutely paramount in their progress as a professional. One way in which many photographers decide to improve their skills, portfolio, and cultural education is through destination shoots, whereas they travel to a preferred location with equipment and begin capturing content in their own unique way. Although this is becoming a common means of expanding one’s professional know-how, there are still many of amateur enthusiasts looking to make their first trip count. following is a list of awesome tips to ensure that photographers are prepared for their journey ahead and ready to wow the world as a result.

Correct Season

The Adventure Junkies

When embarking on a significant trip for travel photography there are a lot of aspects to consider, one being the types of photos you are looking to take. Many destinations are temperate and ideal for photos, while others are heavily affected by seasonal climate, some of which are good for photography, and others, not so much. A good example would be in Tibet during the wet season during mid summer; a rainy time of year where there is a good chance of equipment getting damaged if not protected properly, however, this is the most vibrant time of year and offers a picturesque landscape that only comes for a short period annually and should be taken advantage of whilst around. Similarly would be Bolivia, Salar De Uyuni Salt-Flats near the end of the rainy season; after the water level begins to lower, the natural environment creates a mirror reflection on the surface that is incredible. Such events are inherent in specific seasons and thus, require perfect timing.

Choosing the correct season of the preferred destination is critically important in ensuring that the right image is captured, however, once at the right spot with ideal weather, the next slide touches upon the next important temporal aspect of photography.