Hacks For Big Truck Rental Discounts To Make Moving Cheaper

Moving can be an exciting, but stressful time, whether you are moving your home items, or just need to rent a truck to move furniture, make sure to do research to get the best deal. Make sure to check out a few different companies before deciding which one fits your specific needs.

Being on a budget moving truck rental rates are one of the biggest things to take into consideration. Truck prices tend to go up as the size of the truck goes up, and there also tends to be a mileage cost. Make sure to compare to see who has the best rates. Budget truck prices are intermittently available, so you may need to contact the company directly for details on budget moving truck rental rates. If you are moving a distance, fuel becomes an important consideration. Unleaded gasoline is cheaper than diesel, so this is another cost savings opportunity.

Towing ability can come in handy if you need to haul a trailer for a little extra space, or need to tow a vehicle at the same time as you move your stuff. Comparing three popular moving truck companies, there were differences with budget truck prices. Enterprise reports that none of their moving trucks for personal use have towing ability. U-haul trucks 10' and larger all have towing ability. Budget trucks 12', 16', and 26' have towing ability and they offer car carriers and car trailers to rent.

If you need to rent a truck to move furniture, consider the ability to stack and nest furniture items together to save on space to allow for a smaller truck rental. Uhaul boasts loading decks that are lower to the ground than the competition, making moving heavy items easier. While we didn't see any specifics to back this up, pictures from different companies seem to back up that claim. Uhaul and Budget also boast the ability to tie down cargo in the box to prevent items from moving.

Different companies may also offer discounts to save you money, such as for members of the military, AARP, and students.

Nate Chick