Check Out The 10 Priciest And Most Exclusive Hotels In The World

Hey Tourist! The number of ultra-luxury hotels is on the rise worldwide because of global development and higher rates of travel. These hotels offer a range of high-end amenities that are difficult for other hotels to match. But booking them for even just one night can be an entire month’s or even an entire year’s income for some people. Check out the ten most expensive hotels across the globe and see where some of the richest people in the world stay when traveling.

Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia

The Hungry Australian

Kangaroo Island, which lies off the southern coast of Australia just southwest of Adelaide, is home to Australia’s first luxury resort. It is known as the Australian Galapagos Islands because of its abundant wildlife, including koala bears, kangaroos, and sea lions. The Southern Ocean Lodge has twenty-one rooms, all of which feature floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning ocean views. The lodge relies heavily on locally produced foods and takes pride in its eco-friendly values, making it an environmentally friendly choice. A standard room in the lodge costs approximately $950 USD per night, which makes it one of the cheaper options on this list. This rate includes access to an open bar, dining privileges, and airplane transfers to and from the island.