Haunted America: 10 Sites With Paranormal Activity

Hey Tourist! Haunted houses are a heavily-sought out activity for many Americans looking to get a thrilling experience from the afterlife. Destinations from coast to coast have been popping up with their own claims of paranormal activity and unexplained events leaving employees and customers scared of the unknown. Although there are so many incredible stories and buildings to see, these following sites are the top 10 most intriguing and eerie places to experience hauntings from the USA.

Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania

History Matters

Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania is the first spooky and most-definitely haunted destination on the list. An incredible history which dates back to July, 1863 and was fought between the Union and Confederate armies for three days. In this battle, known as one of the bloodiest on American soil, over 50,000 young men died valiantly for their cause. As a result of the casualties, there were many bodies from this battle that were not given a proper burial and left to decay. Many tourists and sightseers wandering these fields in Pennsylvania today claim to see the wandering dead soldiers at night, patrolling the fields. Many have deemed this particular place eerie beyond belief and as though there is something left unfinished.