Fun Travel Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Hey Tourist! Traveling can be lots of fun and an exciting time for globetrotters looking to explore. However, sometimes traveling alone can make for an unsure and uneasy trip, especially for women. With that being said, there are plenty of places across the globe that make for excellent places to sight-see, even for single female travelers. The following is a collection of the best spots to consider for those independent females looking to get their travel on.

Melbourne, Australia

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Australia is an incredible place for solo female travelers to visit for many different reasons. For those traveling by themselves, this site offers a fairly similar culture to North American countries, such as Canada or the USA, except with its unique customs. Great places to see include the Yarra Valley, full of wine valleys, parachuting, as well as the Yarra River, which is a beautiful place to view. Other great spots, such as Federation Square, make for an ideal place to meet new friends, socialize, and explore cultural hubs. For those looking for more of an outdoor and natural experience, the Royal Botanical Gardens bring a decadent selection of beautiful flora for visitors to see.

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