Unforgettable Places To Visit In China

China is a true beauty to visit with such a rich history and exciting developments taking place, so there is no wonder there are millions of tourists flocking to explore this area of Asia every year. What’s more, there are always new and exciting spots to be discovered at every turn! That being said, there are too many destinations in China for anyone to see during just one trip, therefore, compiled is a list of the top spots, which are sure to make any globetrotter shocked with disbelief.

Mount Huangshan


In China there are many destinations recommended for their pure beauty and prominent nature. None, however, are more impressive than Mount Huangshan, a mountainous range in Anhui, East China. Also known as ‘Yellow Mountain’ many sightseers travel from around the world to view the country’s incredible scenic treasure. The treeline is at 5,900 feet high, mountain peaks rise amongst the clouds, and there is plenty to see while traveling along the available trails. The literature on Huangshan is iconic, and a key to the tradition and culture of China as some works date back to the eighth century. Finally, Mount Huangshan is protected as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage site.

With a scenic mountainous view to exploring, it is no wonder Huangshan would be at the top of any list. However, another impressive stop for travelers is a well-known China gem.