Top Travel Destinations In Africa

Africa, as many individuals around the world know, is the second largest continent in the world. Its fifty-four registered African Union countries mean the second largest population on Earth lives here. Home to strikingly beautiful animals and unique flora to this portion of the globe, there are countless reasons for the countless tourists who flock to these parts every year for the opportunity to see what all the buzz is about. Following is a compilation of the top places to check out while considering all Africa has to offer.

Cairo, Egypt


The first stop, Cairo, is the capital of Egypt and makes for a strong starting point in Africa. Well known across the world, Cairo is home to many awe-striking attractions. Topping these would be the Great Pyramid of Giza and the accompanying pyramid complex, generally accepted to have been commissioned by Khufu, the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty. Infamous constructions also commonly sought out near Cairo are the Sphinx formations. These structures have been around since the 26th century and are treasures to the 9,500,000 citizens who live in Cairo, along with the Egyptian Museum that houses artifacts of Tutankhamun and more.

After visiting Cairo, it’s time to head east for our next top travel destination in Africa.