Natural Wonders Of The World

Earth is a pretty amazing place, from continent to continent this planet plays host to a collection of phenomena for travelers to see. From the incredibly tall to small but curious, there is plenty to see and many of which are fairly inexpensive to witness. Although there are so many great wonders of the world, the following is a list of top ten experiences to check out.

Methane Bubbles

Canadian Geographic

Methane Bubbles are the first natural wonder on the list, and a great way to start. This phenomenon is naturally occurring and a result of warming permafrost which, in turn, releases gases, including methane. This results in bubbles captured in the ice sheets of northern latitude bodies of water such as Lake Abraham in Alberta, Canada. Although methane bubbles are pretty to look and natural, the rate at which they are increasingly appearing is the result of climate change. However, tourists are encouraged to visit northern lakes for the opportunity to view these wondrous occurrences, as well as educate themselves on the environment and effects of global warming.

Now that you are aware of the wonderful opportunities to see such a cool phenomenon like methane bubbles, the next slide will offer another cool sight, down south.