10 Most Suggestive Buildings On Earth

Hey Tourist! There are plenty of beautiful buildings on earth that take impressive architectural shapes and make for great landmarks, but there are also plenty of buildings out there that take more suggestive shapes. Every now and then there is a designer who either purposefully, or by accident, makes a building similar shape to a certain male gland. With such a phallic shape, there are plenty of buildings out there that get lots of heat from communities, but also make for a good joke! Following are some of the most suggestive structures out there and their brief history.

The Gherkin

Sim Carter

The first stop on the list of incredibly suggestive buildings that may or may not have been designed after a certain male gland is the Gherkin. Otherwise known as the St. Mary Axe, this structure is a quite popular building in London, England, and is used as a commercial skyscraper in the major cities’ financial district. Although iconic for its large glass structure and a truly magnificent breathtaking interior design, there is one comical detail; the Gherkin looks identical to male genitalia, which is perhaps the main reason behind its pickle nickname. This construction has been erect since 2003 and has been the center of many jokes since then. To be fair though, how can one not make a joke at the expense of London’s ‘Big One,’ icon or not.

It’s time to move onto the next suggestive building! Keep reading for more innuendo.